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Días buenos y días malos..

Nunca te arrepientas de un día en tu vida. Los buenos días te dan felicidad. Los malos días te dan experiencia. Ambos son esenciales para la vida. Continúa…



Raise Your Standard

English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan

English: Former basketball player Michael Jordan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A long time ago, Michael Jordan was in the club house right before his last game ever played, and someone asked him, “Michael, what really sets you apart from everyone else? What makes you great? Is it your talent, your skill, your work ethic? What is it?” Michael looked at him and said ,”I do have talent, I have skill, but its my standards that set me apart. Every day I demand more from myself than anyone else could humanly expect. I am not competing with myself, I am competing with what I am capable of.”



Foto: casi muere al darle sopresa a su novia!!


Un joven chino estuvo muy cerca de la muerte esta semana después de que falló en su intento romántico de sorprender a su novia. El plan era mandarse por correo en una caja para que ella lo recibiera en la oficina, pero la encomienda tardó más de lo estipulado y casi muere asfixiado.


Paz perfecta..

“Paz no significa estar en un lugar sin ruidos,sin problemas, sintrabajo duro o sin dolor. Paz significa que a pesar de estar enmedio de todas estas cosas permanezcamos calmados dentro denuestro corazón. Este es el verdadero significado de la paz.” 


Day (228) – For there is no fear

It’s simply…put your butt on the line every single day…do what makes you scared…and you will grow

via Day (228) – For there is no fear.

You can’t aim to please everyone in life…or else you will become a cookie cutter person. You must see your goal and maintain your vision. No matter what, you will be misunderstood, critiqued, and even judged harshly. It’s fine…your on the right path.

The Better Man Project ™

For years, I have been coming out to this view in my backyard and sat on the old white bench. To my right, my two dogs…my best friends throughout childhood are buried where they use to sit on the view next to me looking out into the valley. Sometimes I come here to write, but a lot of the time I come here to think. I come here to listen.

Almost one year ago I dedicated my life to others with the goal of helping people live powerful and impassioned lives. At the time, I really didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I took a leap of faith and decided to follow my dream. I did this because there have always been people throughout my lifetime that have believed in me and supported me through everything. I have grown…a lot. At times it is almost funny…

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